Alien Escape

Mobile Game Mock Project

This is a mock project I worked on for my Game Design & Simulation 1 class while pursuing a degree in Multimedia Programming, Simulation & Game at the Community College of Allegheny County.

The purpose of the assignment was to create a playable level of a video game using Stencyl.

Millions of miles away from its home planet of Tralfamadore, Vamoose has been held captive for decades in the confines of Sector 15 on planet Earth. It’s time for Vamoose to escape its captors and brave the desert.

Alien Escape is a single-player runner game with a science fiction twist for those that believe aliens do exist. It provides the player with the ability to choose their own character, who then dodges obstacles and collects water to survive. The player helps our alien, Vamoose, find its long awaited freedom from Sector 15.

The tile sets, main player character, UFO and sounds came from the free library known as the Stencyl Forge. I did however create the logo, background, and a lot of the in-game graphics including the following: cactus, tumbleweed, water droplet, heart, start button, settings button, volume button, and back button. I also recolored the main player character to provide the second color option.

I set up the scene transitions, collisions, health bar, and lives counter. The game does include sounds, but I was unfortunately unable to capture them very well in my sample play-through, so I opted to forego sounds altogether for the video.

Game Map – Beginning

Game Map – Middle

Game Map – End

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