84 Lumber

Visual Identity / Creative Direction

These are some examples of the work that I've completed as 84 Lumber's in-house graphic designer. 84 has been gradually transitioning into a more contemporary visual style. To view more elements of a particular project, click the image.

Print Advertisements / Publications

84 Lumber Advertisements

Print / Digital

84 Lumber Donations Annual Report

Print Publication

84 Lumber Recruiting Manual

Print Publication

84 Lumber Associate Handbook

Cover Design

Branding / Logos

84 Lumber Logos



84 Lumber + Pittsburgh Steelers Partnership

Email Takeover / Digital Ads

84 Lumber Social Media

Digital Graphics


84 Lumber Awards Banquet

Small Format / Signage

84 Lumber Morgantown Relocation

Creative Direction / Print & Digital Assets


84 Lumber Billboards

Outdoor Advertising

84 Lumber Signage Catalogs

Catalogs / Signage

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